Latrobe Valley Express Monday 12 April 2021

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Fans can rejoice! A decade will feel like yesterday as host Adam Hills leftalong with team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough, settle back in to the feel-good, music-loving game show. Arnold Schwarzenegg ger above returns as thee cyborg protagonist — like the tin man in search of o a heart — to defend thee Connor family Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong against a liquid-metal killing machine Robert Patrickand hence, prevent a nuclear apocalypse. Bonaventure Hospital, the feeling of a fresh, new show is gone. In its place we have characters, such as Dr Shaun Freddie Highmorewho viewers feel they know intimately. Afraid of change and stuck in his ways, this nonetheless brilliant doctor has grown up a lot. Claire Antonia Thomas is shocked when her absentee father rocks up. The beauty and diversity of Australia is explored in this laidback travel show which celebrates the traditional owners of our land. The acctor o many and comedian, who he affable will remember as th host o of The Great O Outdoors for 16 years, is in his e ement as he explores el the Murraylands reegion in South Australia ttonight.

Steve McQueen depicts the final six weeks in the life of Bobby Sands Michael Fassbender, left , the at the outset of 10 hunger strikers to break down that year. An incredibly bleak bite of work — it is add a film about human suffering than political propaganda. Difficult but essential performance. Well, recruiting Aussie tennis bad child Nick Kyrgios, who is famed designed for being unable to bite his dialect, to join hosts Shane Crawford, Ben Fordham right and Rebecca Maddern could be the ticket to success. Although what sounded dark and sombre bowed out to be a riveting act, with just the right measure of intensity and levity. Most M of all, the incredible and detailed acquaintance displayed by the contesstants has been enthralling, qu uickly catapulting the act to o one of the a good number watched on the network. Four remaining contenders put their skills to the test: who will be the after that Australian Mastermind? Matt Damo de saddles up alongsid the pair as a Texas ranger also hunting down the murderer.


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