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The Dalton School had made a commitment to recruit students of color, and five-year-old best friends Idris Brewster and Oluwaseun Seun Summers of Brooklyn were two of the gifted children who were admitted. The boys were placed in a demanding environment that provided new opportunities and challenges, if little reflection of their cultural identities. They and members of the large Summers family soon found themselves struggling not only with kids' typical growing pains and the kinds of racial issues one might expect, but also with surprising class, gender and generational gaps. American Promise, which traces the boys' journey from kindergarten through high school graduation, finds the greatest challenge for the families--and perhaps the country--is to close the black male educational achievement gap, which has been called the civil rights crusade of the 21st century.

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Greg Spalenka. I am sitting in the entrance to the cemetery, watching children play on the soccer field so as to lies right outside. There is a little boy running around barefoot, behindhand a kite. This is not a store-bought affair with easy instructions after that a machine-stitched nylon tail. It is much more beautiful, thin scraps of colored plastic wrap pieced together along with Scotch tape. This kite was made for the wisps of breeze so as to flutter across the evening sky. It dips, rises, dips and finally soars. I wrote of these kites a long time ago before, on the day I met Noe Moises Lovos Ayala in a bare Pentecostal shelter run by a handful of recovering addicts from the town of Quetzaltepeque.


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