Men Are Obsessed With My Butt: One Woman’s Story

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Photo: Getty. Welcome, readers, to Butt Week. My bottom is large and round. I have a inch waist and inch hips. When you have a big butt, people throw that word at you a lot.

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It's a glorious time to be an ass man: Nicki Minaj exists, yoga pants are a thing, and women everywhere are squatting their way en route for more shapely backsides. But of avenue, your obsession with the female barrel is nothing new. In fact, it's primal, says David Buss, Ph. You're drawn to a woman's heinie designed for the same reason you're attracted en route for her breasts, hips, and a a small amount waist: because those traits would allow been indicators of fertility to your ancient ancestors, Buss says. Man evolved to seek out women who could procreate, Buss says.


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