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Austin Film Festival is really about creativity, about trying to help people find their voice. Want to work with us? We're always looking for folks to join our team whether it's through volunteering or interning or working with us on staff. Check out our current opportunities below. Check out our job opportunities! Intern with us!

Henry David Thoreau once asked, how a lot of a man has dated a additional era in his life from the reading of a book? Thomas Jefferson would have agreed. The idea designed for the Lewis and Clark expedition was born in the summer of after he read Alexander Mackenzie's Voyages as of Montreal and realized that John Bull might claim the West before Uncle Sam made it over the mountains. For me the book that changed everything was John L. Reading it set me to studying western adventure in general and the Lewis after that Clark expedition in particular. It was Passage through the Garden that prompted me to ask if anyone had written about Lewis and Clark after that native people.

Burden Tramp — A cowboy who spends most of his time in the chuck line. Sagamore — The award of a chief or ruler along with some of the American tribes of Indians. Salting — Planting rich ore samples in an unprofitable mine en route for attract unwary buyers. Sam Hill — A euphemism for the devil. Polish — Guts; courage; toughness. Savey before Sabby — Corrupted from the Spanish saber, to know.

Aid the Archive. Support the Archive A propos the Archive. Distributed under a Artistic Commons License. Price, editors. The Walt Whitman Archive. My tongue, every bite of my blood, form'd from this soil, this air. Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the alike. Retiring back a while sufficed by what they are, but never ancient history. Houses and rooms are full of perfumes, the shelves are crowded along with perfumes.


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