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FAQs You must ensure that you meet the minimum work-experience requirement for the scholarship before submitting your Chevening application. Chevening Scholarships require that applicants have at least two years of work experience. If you do not already have the required level of work experience, you will be unable to submit your application. Eligible types of work experience The types of work experience that are eligible for Chevening can include: Full-time employment Voluntary work Paid or unpaid internships Work experience can be completed before, during, or after graduating from your undergraduate studies, however, any mandatory employment that counted towards your undergraduate or postgraduate course would not be eligible. You do not need to meet the work experience requirement in one period of employment. Applicants can submit up to fifteen different employment periods in order to meet the requirement. If you have held more than fifteen positions then please enter the periods which make up the greatest number of hours worked. If you are currently employed, it is not a requirement of Chevening that you resign from your position.

Around are two types of experiences: Definite Experiences, which last a few hours, and Adventures, which encompass the along trip. All Experiences are highly participatory and focus on a unique ability, perspective or expertise you or your organization wants to impart to others. Examples of Adventures: Horseback riding after that glamping in Monument Valley Weekend effective on an archeological site. Multi-day hike into a winding slot canyon. Airbnb Experience hosts receive 80 percent of the fees except for non-profit collective impact hosts, which receive percent of proceeds charged to participants of the experience. Collectively, this makes Airbnb Experiences an ideal outlet for: Existing businesses like guides and outfitters to agreement new types of trips exclusively en route for Airbnb customers.


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