National Insurance: What’s the new Health and Social Care tax and how will it affect me?

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It's a tax on earnings paid as a result of both employees and employers; the ad hoc also pay it on their profits It was introduced in to afford a fund for workers who had lost their job or who basic medical treatment It is now old to pay for the NHS, benefits and the state pension The capital is supposed to go into a ring-fenced fund - which means so as to it has to be used designed for these purposes - but the administration can borrow from the National Assurance fund to pay for other projects What are the criticisms of the tax increase? There are concerns so as to the increase will have a advanced impact on the lower-paid. The alike rate will also apply to the Health and Social Care Levy. The government is also going back arrange a promise made in its appointment manifesto that it would not advance National Insurance. However, Boris Johnson alleged the increase was necessary given the pandemic and the burden it locate on the NHS. What is the tax increase for? A proportion bidding then be moved into social anxiety system over the next three years.

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