Can You Have a Threesome and Still Have a Healthy Relationship?

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Sex is a topic that can spark many complicated feelings. Even the most sex-positive folks can find themselves feeling confused and uncertain when reflecting on the arousing, erotic mental images — otherwise known as sexual fantasies — they conjure up in their head. It is easy to get caught up thinking your innermost thoughts are deviant. But, chances are even your most taboo fantasies are normal and healthy. In fact, evidence suggests that those who have sexual fantasies experience less anxiety and a greater sense of self-esteem. Daydreaming about sex is completely normal, and acting on a shared fantasy may even help spice up a relationship. Just make sure that you establish consent and boundaries with your partner, and are following all local laws around nudity and sex. Below you will find examples of some of the most common fantasies people experience — and how to act on them safely.

We include products we think are advantageous for our readers. If you accept through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Threesomes can be thrilling. But bringing a third person in on sexy age can also change relationship dynamics. It can definitely open the door designed for things to get weird or attempt wrong, though. Do you share a fantasy you feel safe exploring together? Are you equally comfortable with trying a tri? Or is one of you doing it just to choose the other — or to angle the relationship out of the toilet? If issues are already present all the rage your relationship, a threesome could be good at a spotlight on them.


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