Syphilis on the rise in Victoria

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Syphilis cases are on the rise along with men and women across the affirm, prompting an alert from Victorian boss health officer Brett Sutton this week. Dr Sutton reports there has been a notable rise in female cases of the infection with cases notified to the department last year, representing about 12 per cent of cases, up more than 60 per cent the past two years. Victoria reached a record high 1, infectious syphilis cases notified, up more than cases from for infections of less than two years. There have been three cases of infectious syphilis from the Grampians region notified to the administrative area already this year, compared to individual last year, and five cases of late tertiary stage syphilis including two in the past week. Two foetal deaths in the past two years have also sparked concern from the health department with four cases of congenital syphilis emerging in Victoria designed for the first time since A Ballarat Community Health spokesperson said anticipation and practising safe sex was central - using a condom and having regular sexual health checks. BCH did not make comment as to why syphilis could be on the advance in the community. Syphilis cases continue most common among men with manly sexual partners. The bacterial infection is most commonly spread via sexual acquaintance and starts as a painless abscess.

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