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Alison founded CareerToolBelt. A larger percentage of these job seekers are women looking for the best job for the next phase of their career. Women over 50 might be looking for a new job for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are looking to return to the workforce after years of raising a family. They might be currently employed, but looking for a career change. Or they might have been fired or laid off, and are looking for a new job in their current field. Rejoining the workforce or changing jobs can save you money because you're not home to spend it anymore on shopping, socializing, or activities.

All the rage fact, the majority of American workers 55 percent plan to continue effective in retirement, with 41 percent available part time and 14 percent ample time, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Many also advantage to health advantages, wanting to adjourn active 47 percent and keep their brains sharp 39 percent. And a few actually enjoy working and see their jobs as giving them a awareness of purpose 34 percent and a way of maintaining social connections 21 percent. Whatever your reason, we be able to help you find the right amateur job for your retirement. To acquire started, we identified the 25 a good number common part-time jobs held by workers over age 55, based on fact collected by compensation research firm Payscale from nearly , workers over the past two years.


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