WA bushfires: German backpackers farmer believed killed in Esperance blaze

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Tjaltjraak comes from the Esperance Nyungar name for the Mallee also known as Tallerack or Blue Mallee Eucalyptus pleurocarpa which Esperance Nyungars believe mark the extent of their country. Esperance Nyungar are descended from seven apical ancestors. Today, six family groups are recognised as the direct descendants of those ancestors and the elders of those families have the rights and responsibilities for the practice of Esperance Nyungar culture and for passing it on to future generations. Today, the majority of Esperance Nyungar live within the Esperance region, though some live elsewhere in the southwest, including Perth, Albany and Norseman. They are the first point of contact for government and other parties who want to conduct business with traditional owners in Esperance. Ngadju The Ngadju people have lived on country between Kalgoorlie and Esperance for perhaps as long as 50, years. Like most tribal groups, the Ngadju people developed their own language and are proud of their important role as the carers and custodians of their land.

Three German backpackers and a farmer who tried to warn others about a bushfire burning out of control adjacent Esperance in WA are believed en route for have died while still in their vehicles. Key points: Two men after that two women killed in fires adjacent Esperance Police have no knowledge of other deaths or missing persons by this stage More than people evacuated from Scaddan, Grass Patch, and Salmon Gums to Norseman to the north and Esperance to the south Stockyard Creek, Mullet Lakes residents told en route for act now to survive Police about evacuation point at Salmon Gums is no longer safe WA Fire Administrator Wayne Gregson confirmed two men after that two women had died in fires in the Grass Patch and Salmon Gums areas. Commissioner Gregson said he understood one man was in individual vehicle and the other victims were in a second. The ABC understands one of the men who died was Kym Curnow, a local cultivator who had been driving around adjacent properties telling people to evacuate. Farmers helping fight the fire have additionally told the ABC three German backpackers died in a second vehicle.

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