What Do Women Want? book busts myths surrounding female sexuality

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But an author who has researched female sexuality has said anyone who thinks women are inherently less promiscuous and sexually assertive than men is kidding themselves. Writer Daniel Bergner, from Brooklyn, New York, says the idea that women are 'biologically programmed' to be monogamous is a 'myth' that has been perpetuated for too long. He told MailOnline: 'I think that one of our conventional assumptions - that women are biologically programmed by evolution to be less promiscuous, less assertive, and less driven sexually - is a myth. It gets in the way of serious understanding. He busts a number of myths through his research, based on scientific studies, which include theories that women want less sex than men, watch less porn and that their desire is sparked by emotional intimacy. In fact, Bergner said the research he has seen reveals women can be just as much of an 'animal' as a men when it comes to sex and that their desires are actually a lot more wild and unpredictable.

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