How Many People Speak English And Where Is It Spoken?

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Read on to learn more interesting facts about the English language. By Dylan Lyons March 10, English is the most-spoken language in the worldand it can be found spread far and wide. This is because of a number of historical factors, most notably the patterns of colonialism by English speakers. Exactly how many people speak English, though, and where are all those speakers? If you go back even further up the language family tree, English is an Indo-European language, which is one of the largest language families in the world and comprises most of the languages spoken that originated in Europe. Historical linguists date the English language back to the fifth century, when Germanic tribes speaking Proto-Germanic invaded Britain. The languages of these groups influenced each other, forming Old English. The earliest form of English looks very different from our modern form, but the two share a number of words and roots of words. Inthe Normans — a group from the area now known as France — conquered England and brought with them a form of French.

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