It sounds cuddly but Boris Johnson is stepping into a moral quagmire writes HENRY MANCE

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For those not quite as daring choose the Scenic Cableway, fully enclosed cabin offering spectacular views of Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mt. Solitary and Katoomba Falls. After disembarking the Scenic Cableway, and stroll along the Scenic Skyway. Experience tranquility as you immerse in the ancient rainforest. Are you ready for a thrill? Emerge into ancient rainforest at the Jaison Valley floor riding the steepest passenger railway in the world Scenic Railway. Say Cheese! Walk back to your hotel at your leisure Time to dress up for your night at the Opera Enjoy Dinner before seeing La Traviata, an opera that fills the stage with glamour, joys, and sorrow. Day Four — Sydney Ready for an Aussie breakfast?

Allocate this article Share Some steps are likely to be relatively uncontroversial. The Government says it will use Brexit to ban the live export of livestock for slaughter, on which the EU has refused to act. Drifting long distances is clearly stressful designed for farm animals, who can lose kilos in weight. Live exports have before now reduced dramatically since the s. A small amount of people would object either to a desire by Ministers to ban primates from being kept as pets. We've come a long way from the PG Tips chimpanzees.

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