‘I’m 38 and divorced so why do men in their 20s want to date me?’

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October 16,pm 11 The way you spoke about your feelings speak to exactly what I am going through. He got to stay in our home while I had to move back with my parents and struggle. I, too, cannot eat and I cry without warning. I know this was back in March for you, so I hope things have gotten better for you. How are you doing? But did you do anything wrong? I had a marriage for 10 years and wanted more than anything to be with this woman.

All one is different. Some are agreeable. Many sit in the space amid. So it takes time to alight into life after divorce and absorb the new reality.

It's a process that's extremely tough as of start to finish, and you be able to still feel emotional weeks, months, after that even years after the divorce. The residual anger, hurt, confusion, depression, after that even self-blame don't just disappear a long time ago a divorce is finalized. Even but you're the one who pushed designed for it, divorce still creates all sorts of emotional pain, so don't be surprised if you're still feeling the pain of divorce and struggling en route for move on in your life. It's completely normal, and you're definitely not alone. While each divorce is distinctive, here's a list of some of the reasons why it's so arduous to move on and heal post-divorce.


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